Healing 4D

Energy Heals In All Dimensions.

Healing 4D
Helping people heal themselves


Cutting cords of attachment,
Quantum Touch, Chakra
and DNA Repatterning.


Using various forms of energy techniques to strengthen and balance the mind, body & spirit.


Healing 4D


Healing 4D is a system of energy work. Toxic emotional cords; energy structures which keep us stuck in old destructive patterns, affect every aspect of our physical and emotional 
journey. Healing 4th Dimensional (H4D), combines techniques of Cutting Cords of Attachment, Quantum Touch, Chakra Opening/Strengthening/Balancing, Structural Alignment and DNA re-patterning. Clients have said that Healing 4th Dimension has reversed conditions such as severe Scoliosis, mended broken bones, eliminated Sleep Apnea and many other physical issues.
Energy work can also aid in relief of emotional and traumatic difficulties stemming from abuse, adoptions and other conditions which create psychological issues such as multiple personalities.