About Greg

Greg sitting on a rock

Greg’s journey began in the arena of athletics.  As a kid, he was always playing soccer, ski racing, or out playing on the golf course.  At the age of 16, Greg moved to South Carolina to pursue golf exclusively.  This led him to earn a Division I scholarship at The University of Houston.

After a traumatic injury and surgery during his freshman year, Greg began to experience various physical and mental health challenges.  These challenges eventually led him in a new direction.  Rather than pursuing golf collegiately and professionally, he began to invest more time in holistic health, healing, and went on a journey of self-discovery.  This journey led him to the CHEK Institute and The Four Winds Society, where Greg furthered his studies.  At the CHEK Institute, Greg studied corrective exercise and rehabilitation, nutrition, and holistic health coaching.  At The Four Winds Society, Greg studied shamanic energy healing.

During this time, Greg was personally coached and mentored by the founder of the CHEK Institute, Paul Chek.  After two years of working with Paul, which included training in meditation, tai chi, shamanic healing, and lifestyle coaching, Greg opened up his own practice.  Using the tools that were taught to him by his mentor and guide, Greg now acts as a mentor and guide for others on their healing journey.

Currently residing in Bergen County, NJ, Greg works with clients locally at his studio and remotely via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom.