The Healing of You and Me

In this workshop, we explore the nature of relationships. We dive into how we can use relationships as vehicles for self healing. We discuss the principles of nonviolent communication, soul contracts, and how we can engage in relationships with greater freedom and empowerment.  

Getting Clear In The New Year

In this 90 minute workshop, Dr. AnnaLisa Pastore, M.D. and I guide you through a process of setting an intention for the new year, establishing core values to support this intention, and exploring the necessary death and rebirth process that we all go through. We also explore why many New Year’s Resolutions fail and how […]

Exploring Your Core Archetypes Part II

In Part I we explored the four survival archetypes that often prevent us from healing. These are (the victim, saboteur, child, and prostitute). In Part II, we take a deeper dive into the individual archetypes that each of us are here to express and learn and grow from. During these 90 minutes, we go through […]

Exploring Your Core Archetypes

What are the patterns that prevent us from healing? What parts of us actually benefit by not healing? And why do we often find ourselves making the same choices over and over again that lead to self sabotage? In this 90 minute webinar, Dr. AnnaLisa Pastore MD and I explore all of this with you […]

A Holistic Approach to Exercise

Having worked in the field of health and fitness training for over a decade, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is rare to find a truly holistic approach to exercise. During this 90 minute webinar, you will begin to truly understand how to approach fitness from a mindful, scientific, and […]

Living Beyond Self Sabotage

Do you ever struggle with self sabotage? Do you find yourself making the same disempowered choices over and over again, only to find yourself back at square one? If so, come join me. In this webinar, we explore the roots of self sabotage, what part of us benefits from doing so, and a very simple […]

Healing Addiction Holistically Webinar

Levels of addiction are at an all time high. With our modern day lifestyle, fast paced living, and age of technology, there is an epidemic of addiction that is currently on the rise. In this 90 minute workshop, we explore what an addiction is, the most common root causes of addiction, and simple tools and […]

Healing Anxiety Holistically Webinar

Levels of anxiety are at an all time high.  It is also a condition that is often very misunderstood.  During this webinar, we explore what anxiety is, what some of the most common root causes are, and some very simple and practical tools to find more peace and stillness within.

Healing The Mind: A Journey to Wholeness Webinar

This webinar is an introduction to my flagship Healing the Mind 21 day online program.  During our 90 minutes together, we explore a fully holistic and integrative approach to mental health and some simple tools and practices to reduce stress and find more balance within ourselves.