A Pandemic of Survival Archetypes

My work as a Holistic Health Coach involves supporting others in getting to the root of their current health challenge. The root cause of most of these challenges run much deeper than one might think. Most of these challenges are a result of our behaviors. All behaviors are rooted in choices and these choices are based on […]

Navigating Relationships During a Pandemic

Hey there my friend! I want to share something with you that has been on my mind and heart a lot recently and something that I have worked on with many of my one on one coaching clients. During these times of pandemic, the levels of stress, anxiety, fear, confusion, and conflict are at an […]

What happened last year…. (Zach Bush MD)

Hi my friends! I hope you are all well. As a holistic health coach and forever student of health and wellness, I am always looking for the pioneers, great thinkers, and practitioners that are at the cutting edge of science, medicine, and healing. I recently watched an incredible lecture by Dr. Zach Bush MD. Zach […]