Building Men Podcast: Being Process Oriented with Greg Schmaus

I recently had the opportunity to connect with Dennis from Building Men on the Building Men Podcast. In this episode, we dove into all aspects of following our dreams, being process oriented, and the many lessons we learn along the way. I truly enjoyed this conversation. Click here to listen to this episode on The […]

Anxiety, Depression, and OCD on The Medicin Podcast

I recently had the amazing opportunity to connect with Chase and Mimi on The Medicin Podcast. Chase and Mimi are amazing practitioners, podcasters, and content creators. They are so genuine, authentic, and curious explorers of all things holistic health, healing, and the human experience. In this episode, we explored: What God means to us and […]

Greg Schmaus on Eugene Trufkin Radio

Hi my friend! I hope this email finds you healthy and well. Over the last few decades, we have seen a drastic increase in rates of chronic disease. Over 1 in 3 people are getting cancer. Around 50% of the population have some form of cardiovascular disease. More than half of the population have at […]

Podcast with Sacred Sons

Hi my friend, I hope this email finds you healthy and well. I recently had the amazing opportunity connecting with Adam Jackson on The Sacred Son’s Podcast. Sacred Sons is an amazing organization that facilitates retreats to support the healing of men. The truth is that men in our culture are struggling. We have lost […]

The Optimal Performance Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on The Optimal Performance Podcast. Sean and I had an amazing conversation exploring the intimate but often overlooked connection between fitness and spirituality. We explored the shadow side of the anti-aging, longevity, and biohacking movement and took a deep dive into the unseen aspects of fitness […]

Wise Traditions Podcast

Levels of anxiety are at an all time high! This is why I recently sat down with the one and only Hilda Labrada Gore from The Wise Traditions Podcast. This was truly an honor for me, as I have been a follower of The Weston A. Price Foundation for over 10 years. During this conversation, […]

Escape Your Limits Podcast

I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Matthew Januszek from Escape Fitness. During our conversation together, we explored the current mental health crisis and what some of the most common root causes are for many of these challenges. Whether you or a loved one you know struggles with anything including anxiety, depression, OCD, […]

New Podcast Episode with Ben Stewart

I recently had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Ben Stewart on his podcast. Ben is an incredible musician and film director. I have been a huge fan of his work for many years, so it was an honor to connect and share with him and his listeners on his podcast. In this episode, we dove […]