A Pandemic of Survival Archetypes

My work as a Holistic Health Coach involves supporting others in getting to the root of their current health challenge. The root cause of most of these challenges run much deeper than one might think.

Most of these challenges are a result of our behaviors. All behaviors are rooted in choices and these choices are based on belief systems. So the question remains, where do these belief systems come from?

Archetypes are the root language of the psyche or consciousness. Archetypes are the original patterns or roles that we take on and play out as vehicles of expression.

There are four survival archetypes that we all play out whenever we are under stress or in “survival mode.”

These are: 1) victim 2) saboteur 3) child 4) prostitute.

The victim is the part of us that feels victimized, powerless, looks to be rescued, and falls into the trap of blame. This results in a failure to take action/self responsibility.

The saboteur is the part of us that self sabotages, usually out of fear, insecurities, or limited belief systems.

The child is the part of us that looks for authority to take care of us because we haven’t learned how to take full responsibility for ourselves.

The prostitute is the part of us that compromises and lacks alignment and congruence in one’s values.

This current pandemic has triggered all of our survival archetypes as an incredible opportunity for healing. It is an opportunity to:

Empower our victim who was told to stay home, wear a mask, wait for a vaccine (rescuer), and that there is nothing else you can do.

Reclaim our constitutional rights, health, and vitality that we have sabotaged out of fear and confusion.

Heal the child by taking full self responsibility for ourselves, our health, and our choices rather than looking for authority figures to take care of us.

Heal the prostitute by not compromising our core values, inner compass, and deepest inner truths.

As many of you have probably seen, the media, political scene, and social media world has been fine tuned to utilize these survival archetypes in each one of us.

I share this all with you today so we can use this as a beautiful opportunity to heal, empower, and ascend to greater levels of health, freedom, and consciousness as a collective species.

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Lots of love,

Greg Schmaus

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