What happened last year…. (Zach Bush MD)

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As a holistic health coach and forever student of health and wellness, I am always looking for the pioneers, great thinkers, and practitioners that are at the cutting edge of science, medicine, and healing.

I recently watched an incredible lecture by Dr. Zach Bush MD. Zach Bush is in my opinion one of, if not the most intelligent, scientific, holistic, and experienced physicians on the planet. He is a deeply evolved soul that has a very important message to share with the world at this time.

His research and teachings on COVID and this pandemic are absolutely incredible. He is light years ahead of the mainstream narrative that we’ve been told.

I highly recommend investing some of your time in listening to this lecture that I have included here.

In this talk, Zach explores topics such as:

My intention is simply to provide you with the tools, practices, and resources so you feel empowered to make choices that you are in full alignment with!

What is a virus, the virome, and its true purpose?

What was the true cause of this pandemic?

Were people actually suffering from infection or were there other factors involved?

How our relationship with viruses, bacteria, and nature at large is backwards and outdated.

Are the statistics the media shared with us accurate or misleading?

Why the way in which we are handling this pandemic is doing more harm than good? (including mask wearing and social distancing)

Which medications and vaccines increase your risk of a poor COVID outcome?

This and much more will be answered for you in this lecture.

Click here to listen to Zach Bush MD outlining What Happened Last Year. 

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