Healing Through the Laws of Nature

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to personally experience COVID-19.  During this time, I gained an understanding (from my perspective), what the important learning and healing opportunities are for us all.

Over the course of time and as our science and technology advance, we have grown increasingly out of touch with nature and it’s natural laws.  This includes the seasons, the elements, the rhythms, and cycles of nature itself.

We have written ourselves out of the definition of nature, and my hope is that this pandemic inspires us to begin to reconnect and reintegrate ourselves back into it.

During my week-long experience with COVID, I constantly felt the need to be outdoors, barefoot on the earth, and exposed to as much sunlight as possible.  I had an intuitive sense that the best way to counteract an unnatural virus is to reconnect with the elements of the natural world.

The earth element was my medicine.  I would lay on the earth, connect with the plants, the trees, and be barefoot in the grass.

The air element was my medicine.  I would do breathwork outdoors to oxygenate my system during a time when my oxygen carrying capacity was a bit compromised.

The fire element was my medicine.  I would expose my body to as much sunlight as possible and include daily sauna practices.

The water element was my medicine.  I would hydrate properly and finish every sauna with a cold shower.

As I exposed myself to the natural elements of nature, I could feel my vitality starting to come back.  Anytime I overexposed myself to non native EMFs from cell phones, laptops, etc., I could feel the reactivation of symptoms.

My recommendation to you is this:

Earth: get your bare feet on the earth each and every day.

Air: have a breathwork practice (box breathing, 4-6-8 breathing, wim hof breathing)

Fire: get adequate sunlight each day

Water: take cold showers and/or warm baths daily

Keep it simple and let me know how it goes!

Lots of love,