IG LIVE: Optimizing Physical and Mental Performance with Mike Salemi

I recently had the amazing opportunity to connect with a good friend of mine Mike Salemi on an Instagram Live conversation.

Mike is an incredibly accomplished athlete and a world class strength and conditioning coach and holistic health coach.

In this conversation, Mike and I dove into all aspects of optimizing physical and mental performance.

We explored topics such as:

  • Managing our thoughts and emotions from a place of empowerment and authenticity
  • Performing vs. Connecting
  • The connection between the body, breath, nervous system, and our mental emotional state
  • How we can use the body to facilitate healing on a mental emotional level
  • Simple tips to balance the body and clear the mind to optimize performance
  • Understanding archetypes as the root language of our psyche

Click here to listen to this amazing conversation with Mike Salemi.

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Lots of love,

Greg Schmaus

PS. If you enjoy this conversation, please share it with anyone you feel may benefit. I also recommend checking out Mike’s incredible online fitness programs! He is a true master of health and performance.