The Power of Simplicity

Throughout this current pandemic, there has been one consistent thing on my mind.  This is the power of simplicity.

Our modern day culture is addicted to complexity.  We are always looking for new technology, scientific breakthroughs, and complex answers to complex issues.

Although there is a time and a place for all of this, our increasing interest in complexity has become an addiction.

One invaluable connection that we have lost is the connection to simplicity, the basics, or key foundational principles.

Working in the field of health, healing, wellness, and performance, I see this mistake being made all of the time.  Countless clients have come into my office with seemingly complex physical, mental, or emotional health challenges. 

They share with me all of the complex procedures, therapies, and meds that they are doing or taking to help rid themselves of the problem.  

I then ask them: 1) What time are you getting to bed?  2) Tell me about your diet.  3) Are you exercising regularly?  4) Do you have tools to manage the everyday stressors in your life?

The answers are usually: 1) I stay up until midnight.  2) I eat a lot of sugar and processed foods.  3) I am either sedentary or I over exercise.  4) I manage my stress with a glass of wine and netflix.

I then share with them one of the biggest illusions: that complex issues need complex solutions.

The power of the basics is astounding.  

After a few weeks of many of these clients getting to bed on time, eating real food, moving their body regularly, and managing their stress through simple breathing, meditation, or journaling techniques, they are amazed as they watch their symptoms dissolve.  

When we look for complex answers without addressing the basics, we are putting the cart before the horse.  These foundational principles of diet and lifestyle must be dialed in first before looking to more complex therapies or interventions for anwers.

I am excited to announce the launch of my new 21 day online program Healing the Mind: A Journey to Wholeness.  HTM dials in these foundational principles and much more.

Healing the Mind: A Journey to Wholeness is one of the most comprehensive, integrative, and holistic approaches to mental emotional health.  

In this program, we explore topics such as nutrition for mental health, sleep hygiene, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, breathwork, meditation, and healing our shadow, core archetypes, core addictions, and much more!  

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Lots of love,