Integrate Yourself Podcast | A Holistic Approach to Mental Health Post 2020

“Working with the mind is very much a paradox”  Greg Schmaus Today we talk about approaching mental health holistically, the impact 2020 had on our mental health, how archetypes are the root of everything and so much more. Greg Schmaus shares how he recovered from mental health challenges by approaching it holistically and how we […]

Kyle Kingsbury Podcast with Greg Schmaus

In this podcast, Kyle and I discuss a wide variety of topics including archetypes, mental health, plant medicine, and how the body and the mind are fully integrated systems. Kyle is the founder of the Onnit Podcast, Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, and the Human Optimization Hour. His focus and work revolve around human growth and performance […]

Wellness Force | Ancient Secrets: Healing OCD & Boosting Mental Health

International Holistic Health Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist at Greg’s Holistic Strength Training, Greg Schmaus, shares his incredible story of developing OCD and then healing it, how to take back your health into your own hands, the blessing of being a wounded healer, and how listening to your body’s wisdom will greatly serve you along […]

Podcast with Paul Chek: Overcoming OCD and the Mental Health Crisis

In this podcast, Paul and I discuss the current mental health crisis, the many root causes of these challenges, and various tools and practices to help heal from them.  I also share my own personal healing journey and the two years of coaching that Paul and I did together.  Want to get better mental health […]